Servicing & Polishing

Rolex Replica Service and Overhaul - $350

Swiss ReplicaWrist offers some of the best after sales service in the USA for Fine Swiss Replica watches. Our master watchmakers have combined experience of over 100 years in the industry and have previously worked at Rolex Replica as well as some of the largest watch manufacturers and service centers in the world. All are servicing is done using the best in Rolex Replica tools, Rolex Replica testing equipment and genuine Rolex Replica parts. Our complete overhaul service will have your watch looking and running in like new condition within approximately 1 week.

What do we do?

  • Each and every part of the watch movement is inspected for wear, then ultrasonically cleaned and degreased. If the part is beyond repair, we will replace this part for you(may require additional cost).
  • The watch case and band is completely polished and refinished to remove any scratches or blemishes bringing the watch back to like-new condition. *$150 Value!
  • All moving parts will then be lubricated individually to reduce friction and extend the life of every part.
  • Each Rolex Replica is then tested in 5 positions over a period of 48 hours to ensure proper time keeping as well as pressure tested using our Swiss Replica pressure testing machinery down to the watch's rated depth and any adjustments will be made accordingly.

Polishing - $150

Swiss ReplicaWrist also offers the best in polishing and refinishing services available for your watch case and bracelet. Our polishers are factory-trained and use only the finest polishing tools and equipment to help return your watch to good-as-new condition.