Rolex Replica Serial Numbers: Find Your Rolex Replica Production Date!

Rolex Replica Serial Numbers

One of the many special aspects of a Rolex Replica watch is the unique, five to eight-digit serial number on each timepiece. Performing a Rolex Replica serial number lookup makes it easy to discover Rolex Replica watch values, as you can determine the exact production date. Many older Rolex Replica serial numbers are inscribed by a machine on the side of the watch between the lugs at “6 o’ clock.” The bracelet must be detached at the “6” side of the case to view the serial number.

In 2005 the brand began engraving serial numbers on the inner watch rims for aesthetic reasons. This inner rim is referred to as the “rehaut.” In 2010, Rolex Replica began engraving its pieces using randomized, arbitrary, unique identifying numbers rather than following a sequential numbering system. So while it had been relatively easy to determine a watch’s age or production year using a concrete database, serial number randomization has resulted in a more challenging lookup process.

Determine The Value Of Rolex Replica Watches

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Rolex Replica Serial Numbers By Year

The Rolex Replica Factory may not offer an official Rolex Replica value database list that features production dates, however the chart below includes all serial numbers obtained by Rolex Replica authorities over time. Check out the list to learn about Rolex Replica production dates!

Where Are Rolex Replica Watches Made And What Are They Worth?

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Find The Rolex Replica Model Number

The model number is found on the side of the watch case at the 12 o' clock position. As with the serial number, the bracelet must be detached from the 12 o' clock side of the case. For instructions on removing the bracelet, email us or call 877-738-3811 to speak with a Rolex Replica expert. You will require a small screwdriver or tack to carefully remove the bracelet.

Rolex Replica has engraved their watches with unique serial and model numbers since the 1920’s as a way to track production year; the production age of a pre-owned Rolex Replica watch is an essential factor in determining its current market value. Rolex Replica values decrease as the brand launches new, improved models.

Age in addition to other factors, such as bracelet and overall watch condition, will help the Swiss Replica Wrist team figure the actual fair market value of the watch. Unique Rolex Replica serial numbers, such as a Rolex Replica Submariner serial number, are also helpful in determining if a watch is an authentic piece.

If you need assistance in finding a Rolex Replica serial number, please refer to the chart below. eBay also has a list of serial numbers with estimated production dates.